All about 5/8” Type X Fire-Rated Drywall

The basics of Fire Rated 5/8” drywall

Type X Fire Rated Drywall (5/8”) contains gypsum with noncombustible glass fibers, which assist in withstanding the spread of fire for a longer period compared to regular drywall. Adding 1 layer of Type X drywall increases a wall assembly’s fire rating to a minimum of 60 minutes, from the 30-minute rating obtained from the standard ½ inch drywall. Fire-rated drywall slows down the transfer of fire because of the extra layer of proofing (fiberglass) which allows it to fight fire longer. 

Where to Install Type X Drywall 

Type X Drywall is generally required by building codes. It is primarily installed in commercial properties like office buildings and industrial factories. In residential properties fire rated drywall are installed between separate units and certain areas of a house as described below;

Cost and Availability 

In the Toronto and GTA area, fire-rated drywall material is approximately 15% more expensive than regular ½ drywall. However, given its added protection against fire and sound dampening properties it is an investment that is worthwhile.

Key Takeaways:

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