All about Water and Mold Resistant Drywall

What is a Water and Mold Resistant Drywall?

Water and Mold Resistant Drywall is also referred to as a water-resistant gypsum panel or more popularly the green or blue board. The green-coated drywall is designed to prevent mold in areas that are specifically exposed to moisture such as walls and ceilings in bathrooms. Green board come in thickness of 1/2-inch for standard walls and 5/8-inch for wall assemblies that require fire protection. Note that in the shower areas Dens Shield drywall is installed.

Water-Resistant Drywall vs Regular Drywall

Green boards are installed in areas that are prone to moisture such as bathroom walls and ceilings. The thick green coating of paper is protected by wax, making them resistant to moisture compared to regular drywall which lacks the coating of wax that is water and mold resistant. It is important to note that regular ½” drywall cannot be used inside the bathroom because it doesn’t provide protection from moisture and molds! 

Water-Resistant Drywall vs. Cement Board 

Cement boards are hard panels consisting of silica, cement, and fibrous reinforcement cement composition providing increased strength and base for the installation of tiles. This waterproof board will not deteriorate when exposed to water because of its built-in moisture barrier. Typically cement boards are installed in shower areas and areas that are to be tiled. It is important to remember not to install green-boards in shower areas as they are not designed for highly wet areas, they are only installed in the balance of the bathroom that is prone to moisture.

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