Basement Sprayfoam Insulation In Toronto?

Basement Sprayfoam Insulation In Toronto Area Homes

Why do Basement Walls Need Insulation in Toronto?

Not long ago, basements were solely unfinished and retained for water heaters, furnaces, and washing machine appliances. Traditionally, basements were also used as storage space to keep everything we didn’t need on the main floor. Only a few basements were finished and kept as additional living space without being insulated. Just recently it became necessary to finish basements and properly insulate them to ensure comfort, add valuable living space, be energy efficient.

Top 4 Benefits Of Insulating Your Basement

Substantial Energy Savings 

It’s a vital mistake that is made when insulating your basement by yourself or by an unreputable contractor. Basement walls might be more important than some areas of a home. Uninsulated walls can account for large heat loss. It is key for basements to be sealed, insulated, and ventilated just like any other living space in your home. It helps to reduce energy costs as properly insulated basement walls increase thermal resistance which allows it to smoothly control the airflow and regulate the HVAC equipment to its full potential. 

Increased Comfort 

The reason why you might be facing extreme coldness and heat in your basement is that it is poorly insulated. Adding insulation ensures the consistency of the temperature throughout your home. Whether noisy is traveling from outside to inside your home or floor by floor, adding insulation in the basement will help reduce sounds significantly. Soon after your home will be a lot quieter and consistent in maintaining the temperature.

Moisture control 

Another benefit that comes in insulating your basement is moisture control. When a basement isn’t insulated correctly, heat can force moisture to form inside your home. With the proper air sealing techniques, unwanted moisture from leaking into your home can be prevented and promote your home’s overall comfort and energy efficiency.

Additional Value To Your Home

Insulating your home is a great way to increase the value of your home. Because of the added insulation and now more energy-efficient home, the amount of money you put into insulation can be returned when thinking about selling. Similar to you, other homeowners looking for a home that is energy efficient and given that they can move into an already comfortable home especially since many basements are unfinished and uninsulated. Overall, with added insulation, it can add more value to your home- adding it as a comfortable livable space, an extra bedroom for kids, or an office.

What it all comes down to and what you should do next? 

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