Does Spray Foam Insulation Prevent Rodents And Pests?

Are you worried about pest and rodent infestation?

In any home, old or new it isn’t uncommon to notice the presence of rodents and pests in your home. Due to the cold weather during winter, these rodents often infiltrate through warm areas like cavities in the attic or any other comfortable place that has an opening in your home such as cracks in your foundation. As destructive as they are, rodents will chew through rigid foam insulation, fiberglass batts and even on wires. Most importantly, it is best to seal off any cracks and gaps quickly to avoid any problems and infestation in the future.

How Exactly Does Spray Foam Insulation Keep Unwanted Pests And Rodents Out Of My Home?

Understandably, you want rodents and pests out of your home to prevent future damages and incidents due to their destructive nature, the most successful means of holding them out of your home is prevention by sealing any holes, gaps and cracks effectively as it is much easier to stop them from entering your home than is to get them to leave. It is crucial to seal such openings where these critters come in. Spray foam has no attraction for rodents and does not represent food, so it’s not something that they would chew away and eat. Additionally, there are added benefits when spray foaming your home; better indoor comfort improved moisture control and better insulation. Overall, spray foam is the ideal insulation product to effectively shut off pests and rodents from entering because it exceptionally seals crevices and would be an adequate layer of defense for your home.

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