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Why Insulate Your Garage Ceiling with Sprayfoam Insulation?

Every year increasing number of Toronto hoemowner are realizing that their floors above their garage ceiling is extremely cold in the winter and hot during the summer. This as a result impacts the temperature of the interior of the house - drastically increasing the energy expenditure just to maintain room temperatures. This increases your monthly heating and cooling bills! As a result is it important to insulate the garage ceilings with the best product in the market - the sprayfoam insulation.

Now we’ll look at the benefits that this advanced insulation offers, and unexpected outcomes that will have you taking notice if your garage ceiling remains uninsulated.

3 Big Consequences If You Do Not Sprayfoam Your Garage Ceiling

· Continued cold floors during winters causing temperature fluctuations inside your living spaces above

· Eventual mold around the floor and walls

· Increased monthly cooling and heating bills

Why Sprayfoam Insulation is the Answer

Sprayfoam insulation will provide you with the following benefits that no other insulation product can offer

3 Big Benefits When You Sprayfoam your Garage Ceiling

· Sprayfoam insulation creates a tight barrier to passage of air; keeping cold and hot air outside your garage

After a proper installation of sprayfoam insulation on your garage ceiling by a professional, the temperature above stays more consistent due to the ability of sprayfoam to act as a tight barrier against air passage from the exterior. Cold air can no longer escape into the living areas above via the ceiling's uninsulated areas and gaps. It also important to remember that your warm heat inside will not be able to escape through your now insulated garage ceiling, having positive impact on your heating bill. When you’re looking to lower your utility costs, sprayfoam is the step in the right direction.

· It’s moisture resistant – no more molds!

You’ll also want to consider the ability of the Sprayfoam insulation to act as a protective barrier to moisture. Due to the high levels of humidity come summer, moisture is an important area to resolve. With any home improvement, moisture should always be high on your list of priorities, so you don’t end up dealing with dampness, mold, or mildew. It’s easier to prevent the issue than deal with the aftermath.

· Creates a barrier to noise – added benefit!

If you have a living space over your garage, once again, that open vacant space means that noise carries easily and creates unnecessary disturbances. By choosing to insulate your garage ceiling with sprayfoam, you easily tackle this issue and reduce unwanted sound transmission.

Top 2 Reasons Why You Should Insulate your Garage Ceilings and Walls

1. Too Much Noise Coming From The Garage
A standard garage is often used as an extension of the main living space extension of your home. For example, the garage space might be used as an area where your kids play or it is where you do the laundry. Perhaps, you are someone who requires power tools while working on a lot of projects? Furthermore, insulation serves as a sound barrier and can keep the noise from your garage and living area contained, improving the comfort of your home. 

2. Controlling The Garage’s Temperature: The Above-Garage Room Is Cold
For many homeowners, maintaining their garage’s temperature is difficult; constant fluctuations in temperature due to open and closing of the garage door is problematic as it can potentially damage tools, appliances, etc. Having a cold garage is not the only issue, the room above the garage will be cold as warm air escapes and air moves throughout the garage, making the ceiling colder and eventually resulting in a cold above-garage room floor.

What Are Of Your Garage Needs To Be Insulated In Toronto?

Insulate the ceiling of the garage 

Many homes have attic space above the garage ceiling, which is commonly used as storage by homeowners. But having an uninsulated attic creates a cold spot where the wall and ceiling meet, which may lead to issues with moisture and molding. On the other hand, if there is a room above the garage, it will be cold as warm air escapes and air moves throughout the garage, making the ceiling of the garage colder and cold above-garage room floor.

Insulate the garage walls 

Properly Insulating the exterior garage walls and getting the correct R-value will help lower the energy usage and heating and cooling bills in your home. Professionally installed insulation prevents heat or cool air from escaping, creates a great sound barrier between your garage and the outside so you will not hear as much commotion nor will your neighbours hear your loud power tools while you are at work.

Insulate your garage entirely 

It will be to your benefit to insulate the walls and ceiling of your garage If you are intending to use the garage area for personal or business purposes. A completely insulated garage 

becomes a heated garage. You will find that your heated garage allows for a convenient and better space for your family to spend more time in.

(Updated November 13, 2020)

Key Takeaways

Here are a couple of points to remember.

· Sprayfoam insulation allows you to avoid extreme temperatures by keep cold and hot air outside your house.

· Creates a smart, protective barrier against build up of mold or mildew.

· Makes for a quieter environment. Sprayfoam insulation offers the ability to buffer sound.

Concluding Thoughts and the Next Step

If you’ve been thinking of insulating your garage ceiling with sprayfoam, you’d be making a wise choose. You’ll be able to reduce your overall costs of heating and cooling expenses, create a more comfortable environment, and protect your garage from excessive moisture.

When insulating your garage ceiling, for the best choice ask for Sprayfoam insulation. Also, if your garage ceiling has awkward spaces or angles, Sprayfoam insulation is the only insulation which makes it easy to fill in those odd areas that traditional insulation has trouble reaching. Its due to the application method, which means you get full coverage where you need it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Learn more and what we can do for you, and how we can help insulate your garage ceiling the property way. We’d love to hear from you and get started with your garage ceiling insulation today.

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