Taping &
Smooth Finish

Taping & Smooth Finish

In a house, 95% of all surfaces are highly visible drywall ceilings and walls. Even as light crack on the surface can take away from the quality of the overall finish. To prevent cracks and expensive remediation costs, it is important to hire the right contractor for your project. 

SULTAN Contractors has 15 years of professional experience in the industry delivering top notch quality and service to its clients throughout the GTA. Our depth of experience in taping and finishing includes working on custom homes, sub-divisions, and multi-residential projects for homeowners, builders, and contractors. We are insured, licensed, and backed with a passionate team of finishers that pay close attention to details.



Levels of Taping Finishes

Our taping crews undergo multiple intermediary steps to ensure the right mixture of mud is applied, the joints are feathered out to the necessary width, and the appropriate compounds are used. These specific steps are not highlighted above as they are up to the tapers level of expertise and experience. 
our process

The SULTAN Contractor’s Procedure of Taping and Finishing

We follow a 7 Step Taping and Finish Procedure that ensures we’ve mitigated the risks of potential issues. Through these steps we’ve absolutely minimized any chances of errors.

Step 1: Inspection

Before taping starts, our in-house team inspects and assesses the quality of installed drywall. Issues such as large gaps, overcut openings, non-levelled corner beads are addressed before starting taping.

Step 2: Pre-fill and Tape

The taping crew pre-fills required areas with Durabond 90 for greater strength. After which first coat of mud and tape is applied using Columbia Bazooka Taper tool. All corner beads are taped using fiber-mesh tape for added strength.

Step 3: The Filler Coat

The 2nd coat of mud, commonly referred to as the filler coat is applied on all joints. On corner beads, we mix mud and Durabond 90 to add greater strength to the corner bead, hence minimizing the chance of future cracking.

Step 4: The Skim Coat

The 2nd coat of mud is sanded, and a 3rd coat of skim mud is applied.

Step 5: Smooth Sanding

Finally, the skim coat is sanded under high quality lighting so tapers can address all details. Once the job is a 100% finished up to our standards, we’ll ask you to prime the surfaces.

Step 6: Touch-Ups

After prime is completed, our inhouse quality control crew will scan the entire house using high quality light to assess the quality of walls and ceilings. Any areas that need touchups are marked with a pencil and the team addresses the areas immediately.

Step 7: You Decide and Check out

We do a walk-through of the entire project with you. Once you’re satisfied with the work, we mark the project as successfully complete!



The Quality of Taping Finish Greatly Impacts the Quality of Painting Finish!

Painters always quote their scope of work based on the quality of the finished taping job. They can immediately recognize a great taping job from a poorly finished one and will quote accordingly. Taping deficiencies such as non-sanded corners and screw pops will be remediated by the painter resulting in a delay in schedule and monetary cost to the end user. This is an important reason why you should hire a professional drywall contractor with inhouse drywall installers, tapers, and quality control procedures so that you can ultimately avoid unexpected costs, schedule delays, and quality issues. Over the years we have built a growing list of painting companies that would love to paint the projects we have finished!

Benefits of Working with Sultan Contractors

There are lots of benefits when you hire a professional drywall contractor to tape and finish your project. Your project will finish on time and within the original quoted price by the contractor. Asa professional and experienced contractor, we always stand by our work and will not mark the project as complete until you’re satisfied with the quality of work. Furthermore, we procure taping materials from top manufactures in North America for your house so that your walls and ceilings can withstand tougher conditions over the years. We have also invested in state-of-the-art innovative automatic taping tools which ensure we can complete the work as productively as possible, saving you time. 

Taping and finishing is a difficult craft that requires years of experience and investment in great taping materials and tools to achieve the desired level of finished walls and ceilings. For your next project you can confidently count on Sultan Contractors to deliver you excellent quality of finished walls and ceilings.

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