A Well-Insulated Attic Will Lower Utility Costs By 10-50%

What is Attic Blown-in Insulation?

Attic Blown-in insulation is the quickest and most cost efficient form insulating your attic. Currently in the market there are two materials that can be used as blown-in insulation; cellulose and fiberglass loose-fill, both performing equally well in maintaining your indoor temperatures. Installation of blown-in insulation requires state of the art machinery and professional experience to achieve the maximum R-value from the product installed. When installed properly, you will notice your monthly utility bills drop by 10-50%!

Benefits of Blown in Insulation

Improves Quality of Indoor Space and Comfort

Greater Savings of Energy

Environmentally Friendly Product

Simple Installation 

Easily Reaches Odd and Tight Attic Spaces

Greater Fire Resistance 

Decreased monthly Heating Costs 

Decreased Monthly Cooling Bills

Your Built can Qualify for LEED Points

Lower Impact on your HVAC System

Avoid Drafts in your Roof

Your Blown in Insulation Options

Most homes in the Greater Toronto Area will require either a simple top-up service or a complete removal of existing insulation followed by the installation of brand new blown-in insulation.

When to do a Top-Up

Most existing homes in the GTA have insufficient levels of insulation in their attics, typically between 1"-10” in thickness. In this case, you will need a top-up service to add extra blown-in insulation to increase the total thickness to 17” which equates to R60, the new requirement by Ontario Building Code.

All Brand New Blown-in Insulation

Over the years blown in insulation becomes contaminated with water and pest, resulting in decreased quality. This will increase monthly heating and cooling bills as the insulation is not performing its job up to par. In case we will remove all existing insulation first and then install fresh new blown in insulation to reach R60, the new Building Code requirement in Ontario.

After your installation is complete you will notice 10-50% savings in your monthly utility bills as soon as the next billing cycle. SULTAN Contractors has over 15 years of experience in properly removing and re-insulating attics in the Greater Toronto Area. For you next install, give us a call and we will help you save on your monthly utility bills!



2 Types of Blown-in Insulation Materials

In the market today, there are only 2 blown-in insulation materials made for your attics; cellulose and fiberglass loose-fill. Both materials are able to reach tight areas, perform well in all temperatures and conditions, and will help you minimize air leakage - as long as installed by a professional and experienced installer.

Cellulose blown-in

Fiberglass blown-in

Decreases Heating Costs



Decreases Cooling Costs



R-value per Inch



Total thickness for R60

17 inches

20 inches

Performs for Long Term Results



Material Safety

Formaldehyde free

Formaldehyde free

Installation Process

Easy and simple installation

Easy and simple installation

Material Composed of

85% Recycled materials 
(newspapers and other newsprint)

73% Recycled materials
(thin fiber glass mixed with other recycled materials)

Contributes of LEED Points



Material is Non-Combustible 



Colour of Insulation


Pink or White

Red Flag to Watch for

If you notice any of the 6 followings rd flags, then its time to install new insulation for you attic

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When working with Sultan Contractors you will have the peace of mind that you’ve hired industry leaders that are reliable, professional, and transparent. With our great emphasis on delivering quality work, we promise to do it once and do it right! By working with a professional company that knows the trade in-and-out, you will immediately notice improved comfort levels of your house and will start to save on monthly heating and cooling utility bills! 

We are one of very few attic insulation companies in Ontario that are WSIB compliant and carry a 5 million liability insurance. When it comes to insulation for your attic, your search ends with Sultan Contractors. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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