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Why Use A Drywall Contractor?

Since drywall is 90% of all exposed walls, only an Expert with Understanding of Wall Assemblies Should Take on Your Project

Drywall is one of the most visible, complicated, and critical components of a house. The quality of drywall installation will totally impact the quality of taping & mudding, painting, trim carpentry, and panelling work. A bad drywall installation will result in screw pops and cracks in walls – damaging other interior finishes and costing you thousands of dollars in repair costs in the long run. Working with a professional drywall contractor will guarantee you a great quality work with minimized risk in future issues.

No Cracks in walls in the future

Walls will begin to crack when drywall is not install properly. This results in screwing the joint again and taping the crack and apply 2 coats of mud, resulting in expensive and timely remedies.

No Screw Pops in the future

When drywall is not installed properly, screws will pop a few weeks later. Resulting in expensive taping and painting fixes.

Adds structural strength

A well  installed drywall adds to the interior structural strength of a built.

Minimizes Joints

Minimized  joints are required for structural strength and clean flawless wall surfaces.

Correct Type of Drywall Installed

Inexperienced contractor would install the wrong drywall in crucial areas such as bathrooms resulting in mold and expensive remedy.

Fun  Fact:
Over  24,000 screws are installed in an average 3,500sqft custom house in Toronto!

5 Popular Types of Drywall

Regular Drywall

Thickness: ½ inch

  • Most common drywall type
  • Installed throughout the house where specialty drywall is not required

Ceiling Board

Thickness: ½ inch

  • Installed on ceilings that have roof trusses that are 24” apart

Type X Fire Resistant Drywall

Thickness: 5/8 inch

  • Can withstand fire for longer periods.
  • Installed at party walls of semi-detached and town homes.
  • Installed on exterior walls of homes that are within 4” of neighbouring property lines.
  • Required by most building codes.

Moisture Resistant Drywall
(Green or Blue board)

Thickness: ½ inch

  • This drywall is water and moisture resistant.
  • Installed throughout bathrooms except the wet shower areas.

Dens Shield or Cement Board

Thickness: ½ inch

  • Also referred to as tile backers.
  • These drywalls are most popularly installed in wet shower areas of a bathroom and areas that will be tiled.

What To Look For In a Professional Drywall Contractor

When researching for a drywall contractor make sure to hire a professional company with a track record of positive reviews online and within the local community. Working with the a professional drywall contractor will offer you the following;

Certifications such as WSIB and General Liability Insurance

Top reviews for quality and professionalism

Give you a timeline for the work

Uses top quality of drywall that is locally manufactured

Maintain jobsite cleanliness and safety

Experienced in projects similar to  your project

Drywall, In-House Taping and Smooth Finishing Team

A complete and established drywall contractor will also have in-house taping & finishing teams. This means that the contractor is responsible for all matters related to drywall and taping including quality and schedules. Their own taping teams will first assess the quality of drywall installation before taping. If any issues arise, their drywall team would return to fix the areas at their own time and expense.  

For this reason, most builders and homeowners in Toronto hire drywall contractors that offer complete drywall and taping services. This eliminates the risk of schedule delays and quality issues for them as one drywall contractor is responsible for the complete work.

Our Process

At Sultan Contractors its our number priority to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our process allows us to deliver what we have promised to our customers. Whether its prepping the site before we begin the work or its clean-ups after the job is done, every step of the process has been carefully thought out. Our goal is to always to make sure that when we leave the site, we leave our customers with a smile on their faces.














& Disposal



Homeowners and Builders Are Hiring SULTAN Contractors for Their Drywall Projects 

Increasing number of builders, general contractors, and homeowners are hiring SULTAN Contractors for their drywall projects. They understand that drywall is complicated and that only an established contractor should install drywall at their projects. Another benefits of working with us is that we have in-house taping teams. This helps us quickly move from drywalling to taping and smooth finishing without wasting valuable time.

Over the last 15 years, we have earned the reputation for great quality work that is completed within schedule and budget. Our local referrals and reviews can vouch for our commitment to excellent customer service and quality of work.

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